Custom machine embroidery design services

Image to embroidery file

Converting an image into machine embroidery file requires a process that is called embroidery digitizing. Digitizing for Embroidery isn’t same just like a converting one picture format to another. Instead of that, logo digitization is the process to converting any graphical shape into beautiful embroidery stitches that can be placed on any type of fabric. Embroidery form is completely different from screen printing. Where screen printing is all about graphics but embroidery is all about stitches. Embroidery relies on specific embroidery machine, dedicated embroidery software and a professional embroidery digitizer. The both are visual forms for representing custom logo on apparels.

It’s matter of choice. If you want to embroider a custom embroidery logo on your cap, shirt, jacket or anywhere else. For this purpose the process is so simple, just draw your logo roughly on a paper or design it on software by self or from professional designer. Then place or send us photo of your logo with complete requirements regarding embroidery work. Such as size of logo, 3d puff or non-3d, embroidery machine formats and turnaround time.

First we will analyze your artwork and then start digitizing logo. It may take little time to accomplish. Because we always try to prompt our customers if we have any trouble regarding machine format, size or anything else. Also when little objects isn’t fit in small design size. Because sometime it happened when customers have no knowledge about the size of the design.

After the accomplishment of the work, we deliver it within our time frame. When you have received your design then you have to give it to an embroiderer with production worksheet and actual machine format (if you do not have an embroidery machine) that we have delivered to you. That’s it, the working process is just completed.

Types of embroidery artwork digitizing

Custom patch work

Patch is just like a badge, custom patch work is a special form of embroidery which is most efficient way for logos. Firstly it is embroidered on foam/fabric and then cut out from edges side. After the accomplishment of the process it can be pasted on shirts or can be sewed by single run stitch.

3d puff

3d puff concept also applies in embroidery shapes. But normally differs in digitizing process where digitizer has to add extra instructions for machine. Mostly 3d style is used on caps and shirts.

applique work

Applique work is similar to patch work instead of layers and pattern that is followed in applique. Applique work is a combination of fabric piece and embroidery stitches but patch work is covered only by embroidery stitches. Also applique work has complete shape and mostly used for kids clothes.

Screen printing

Screen printing is also another way of representation of logo or typography on apparels.

Mainly screen printing work depends on graphic designer. A professional designer always try to produce high quality 300dpi picture for screen printing.

Same as like embroidery, also screen printing can be printed anywhere on the fabric. Mostly it’s best suited for t-shirt which gives you an extra edge in style.

The combination of screen printing along with embroidery is an awesome way to style up your apparels. Both form of designing can be placed without any limitation. But both are completely different to each other and require different resources plus professional embroidery digitizer and vector graphic expert.

Luckily, here you can get all in one, printing plus embroidery.

Along with logo designing we also offer our value able customers that they can get vector graphic as well.

Types of screen printing

Soft hand screen printing

silk screen printing

Logo Designing

Branding concept, a unique logo plays an important role in business. Just like a human name this is the essential factor that every business should focus on that strongly enough. Not only unique logo but along with unique logo a unique name is also another crucial factor.

We all are known that uniqueness is not enough, so we have to focus on these things at the time of choosing a logo and name.

Logo concept:

  1. Logo should reflects your business concept
  2. Logo should be eye catching
  3. Should be unique

Naming concept:

  1. Business name should be easy to remember
  2. Easy to pronunciation
  3. Also should be short instead of lengthy or ugly

A professional custom logo designing service that meets your requirements. You can get any type of custom, in any format. Best identity is the best marketing. Any type of logo that you want will be created according to your business concept. No matter where you are and what’s your requirements.

If you want to design a logo for embroidery design purpose then you don’t need it. We can digitize without any graphical format. But you have to send us a rough artwork. So, we could digitize it properly.

Three main types of logo


Symbolic can be most effective and standout without any brand name. It’s all about symbols which can be colored or without color.

combination marks

Combination marks logo type has both concept (typography + symbol). It is the most common and broadly used logo type. Which can represents your symbol alongside your company name.


Wordmark is all about typography that means we can represent company name in stylish typefaces.