How To Embroider

Embroider without any software except embroidery digitizing. Are you ready for embroider your own design?

Then just follow these below steps and get your design to be digitized for embroidery.

Make a sketch

If you want to create a new design or if you have some idea about your design. Then just imagine about your design which you want to be embroider. And then jet it down on paper by led pencil. It will be the best if you use geometric tool for fine drawing. If it is out of your preference then you can use software like CorelDraw, sketcher, pencil sketch, easy sketcher etc. Or if you have skill of Corel draw then it will be bounce for you. Because it will give you more flexibility for embroidery digitizing which is our 2nd last step.

Choose effect and color

Fill out the color or just write the color name inside the object. After the color scheme you should select the effect, if you want to be shown on embroidered design like transparency effect, blended effect, and 3d effect (it can be implemented in embroidery digitizing software. So, no need to apply effect here.)

Capture the picture of your art work

Last but not least take a picture of your art work (in case of paper work by pencil). Then send it to embroidery digitizing software. Like wilcom embroidery studio or any other.

Digitize your art work

In the modern era, there are hundreds of software which are used for digitizing. But for embroidery digitizing, you have to select a specific software which is use for embroidery digitizing. Don’t be panic for selecting a specific software, I will guide you through this article.

Select an embroidery software

Note: if you haven’t used any of these software’s then you wouldn’t be able to use them.
Because it is a professional skill and require some time to achieve it. If you want to embroider your art work then send us your art. And you will get your art to be digitized for embroidery. We deliver as quickly as possible with premium quality, flat rates, and production worksheet.

Here is list of embroidery digitizing software

• Wilcom embroidery studio
• Pulse
• Wilcom deco studio
• Bernina
• Digitize MB
• Embroidery ware
• Floriani embroidery suite

After the accomplishment of digitizing save your design in machine embroidery format. Mostly used format by so many machines is (.DST). So, your design is ready for sewing, go ahead and save it in your embroidery machine. That’s all

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