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What is embroidery digitizing?

Digitizing is a very broad term but embroidery digitizing is only specific for machine embroidery work. Digitizing embroidery process is all about commands for machine work. Embroidery machine operates according to those commands which are generated by embroidery digitizer. The movement of framework and needle penetration, all these types of work followed by commands. All machines require different formats but mostly used formats are known as DST, PES, HUS, XXX etc. In other words embroidery digitizing is the process to convert any shape into beautiful embroidery stitches. The conversion of any shape to embroidery form is processed by widely used software’s, such as wilcom embroidery studio, pluse and bernina. In the field of embroidery, digitizing embroidery also known as embroidery programing.

After conversion from graphical format to embroidery format, file can be easily used for embroidery machine. Any format such as jpg, png, drawing and any other format can be converted into machine embroidery format. Also we provide more flexibility to our customer’s than other competitor’s. Such as:

  • Picture embroidery digitizing
  • Embroidery artwork for digitizing
  • Custom drawing embroidery digitizing
  • 3d embroidery digitizing
  • Logo digitizing for embroidery

Surely you will love our quality crafted work. Because tremendously we look after quality instead of quantity. Get custom embroidery design

Digitizing Services

  • applique work
  • 3D puff for caps
  • Custom embroidery digitizing service for custom artwork
  • Custom patch work
  • Artwork tracing and converting to embroidery form
  • Embroidery for jackets/shirts/hoodies
  • Logo digitizing

All these types of digitization services can be performed with custom requirements. Some of them can’t be used on anywhere. Such as: applique work and 3D puff are more specific for particular places. But it’s not a rule of them that these services can’t be used anywhere else instead of particular place. You can use where you want its matter of choice.

Logo Digitizing Service

Logo digitizing is the way that you can represent your brand logo into embroidery form on your apparels. Showing up your brand logo on your apparels is the greatest way to publicize your brand apparently to other peoples. Might be this is examined by you are not but the reality is that big companies always focus and try to emphasize their logo through their employees by providing branded apparels. If you are looking for digitize a logo then make sure you have your own custom logo with all the essential requirements. So, you could get your logo into embroidery form with excellent work.

Embroidery software’s

Embroidery software’s are used for the purpose of digitization. There are hundreds of software’s available which can be used for embroidery work. But few of them meets the industries standards and others do not. We are not going to mention all those software’s but some of them we have listed here which ensure the quality and give you more experience than other software’s. If you are a professional embroidery digitizer then definitely you have used one of them. Because these software’s meet the requirements of a professional embroidery digitizer.

  • Wilcom embroidery studio
  • Pulse
  • Bernina
  • Janome
  • Artista
  • Barudan

May be you are wondering why we have mentioned wilcom embroidery studio and pulse at the top of list. If you haven’t used any of them. Then let me give you little narration especially for wilcom & pulse. Because these are widely used by professionals and meets the industries standards. Also at this time we are using these embroidery software’s with full of satisfaction. Wilcom embroidery studio and pulse give you the more flexibility than others. And these are all in one solution not only for lettering or just printing work but also for digitize embroidery work. All others software’s may catch you by the reason of less price. But those software’s do not give you rich experience. Inside market there are some software’s who provides auto artwork digitizing. I strongly recommend you don’t buy any of them. I know IT technology has been reached in the next level but still some problems isn’t solved yet. Software’s do not know about image recognition & artwork tracing properly. I know some software’s are giving these facilities in these days. But you can’t do any custom artwork into machine embroidery form accurately. So, you have to do manual work for good quality. Otherwise your fabric completely spoiled by wrong needle penetration and by bad underlay. Therefore you have to very careful about that. If you just want to lettering then maybe it will helpful for you. But for custom artwork it will be worthless. Also professional embroidery software’s are more expensive than embroidery machine. And required a professional digitizer who has rich experience in the field of embroidery and will be costly if you are looking commercial purpose. We are offering a valuable service 24/7 to our customers. You can contact us for embroidery work.

Embroidery digitizing freeware

Is it possible that embroidery digitizing service as freeware? No! It’s not completely possible that anyone can give you free service of digitizing embroidery. Every embroidery digitizer wants to monetize their service as expensive as possible. But some just provides their service for the purpose of quality and not want to completely free. May be you have seen some stitches or some designs provided free of cost by companies. The main aim behind that always remained to ensure the quality. Digitizing for embroidery is a professional skill and requires time to complete a project. Auto digitizing won’t ensure the quality of the design and also not possible to convert completely. Every stitch angle and every node of punching both are properly arranged by embroidery digitizer. Little mistake can spoil whole design with fabric. So, recommendation is that always focus on quality work instead of quantity. We provide cheap digitizing with forefront quality and fastest turnaround. Also with full of customers satisfaction.

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