A little about zee digitizing

Zee digitizing is a web base embroidery services providing company. Also provides graphics artwork for screen printing. Zee is a trustworthy company by thousands of customers and apparel industries. Providing the right work to clients is top priority for us. Zee digitizing is the most prominent name in the embroidery digitizing world. The first priority for us is the top notch quality with flat rates plus quick turnaround. Which makes zee digitizing as a prominent name in the modern digitizing era. Clients who are looking for logo digitizing also called embroidery programming can easily submit their artwork with complete custom detail. At the end of client’s artwork submission, we highly take care about the clients work. Inside zee digitizing customer’s artwork analyzed by expert digitizer’s. After that digitizer’s start working on that project and submit it to customer’s after accomplishment. Our qualified and experienced embroidery digitizer’s are fully enthusiast to giving the great quality to customers.

Embroidery services by zee digitizing

There are many embroidery services which is provided by zeedigitizing to clients. Whereas embroidery digitizing is a broad term. So, we are more specific in embroidery services. Such as custom patchwork, 3d puff embroidery, applique work, embroidery for gloves, embroidery for shirts / jackets / caps etc. Wherever customer would like to embroider can do in a very little steps. No matter for us, such as: customer wants specific machine embroidery format, we accept any type of artwork format like psd, jpg, png, vector art even customs can send us their roughly drawn sketch. We all care about custom artwork.

Our mission

Our aim is providing the quality work to our valuable clients without any hassle. Not just providing the right work to clients. We also guide to our customers through best suited instructions, not only for embroidery but also for embroidery machine. That’s mean clients can achieve their forefront quality by following the right instructions. We are sincerely, Not only for our business growing but also for client’s business growth. Because we know what’s matter for those clients who are the customers to our clients. We will lead you up to the top in the field of embroidery.